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My artistic training started in the “research” theatre, where I spend many years. Photography became my instrument of creative expression since the new millennium. What’s the reason, it’s a fate response. Resident in Madrid for seven years, I worked as independent photographer joining different media, in photojournalism, reportage and portraiture. Back in Italy I decided to restart from theorising taking university courses on philosophy and deepening my photographic research in a wider perspective, more on subjectivity and art.
I would define myself as a rhapsodic photographer, meaning that I do not feel tied to any particular genre of visual language. My images are born from reality, but I have no interest in registering what happens, as instead flowing through the event. Formally I prefer to work on sequences and let them find their own aesthetic canon. My thematic choice rarely is driven by an idea/concept a priori, it’s rather moved by the “Wunsch”, or my subjective desire, unconscious, spontaneous, instinctive and intuitive towards the world out there. From this encounter or collision rise my photography. I look for the amalgam of abstraction and reality, of the specific and ineffable that resonate on an intellectual, emotional and physical level. My gaze is soaked with visual influences that are part of my iconographic heritage, with theatre, poetry and experience, but in primes I would define it as a look disciplined to stay awake.



"La Petite Mort"

Italiano/ English


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