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“We Are All Prostitutes”
Format: Audio- DVD, 7” Vinyl, 4 pictures, packed in a 7” ziplock bag, limited edition (69 copies)

99 Tracks (00'15" each)

Released: 2009

Publisher: Squirrel Liberation Front (SLF015)

This Audio-DVD is a sonic rendition of ‘JD’s Pink Slits’. From each of the 99 most visited porn categories (as found on several internet porn search engines) 3 movies of each category were randomly chosen and downloaded.
For each category their respectively 3 movies were stretched or compressed to 00’15” (the average length of porn movie samples) and then layered on top of each other (without any further sound manipulation to maintain the original feeling of the fragment).

Congratulations with the purchase of your first home DVD audio art installation. This is the first audio art installation where the viewer has to provide the surrounding him-or herself. The content is provided but you will have to decide how this DVD will be shown, be heard and be experienced.
You can view it alone in pure darkness with headphones or you can use it to enlighten your next housewarming party.
Use it wisely because remember it’s THE SOUND OF YOURSELF and WE ARE ALL PROSTITUTES

Preis: CHF 23.-